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We are committed to keeping our clients and the general legal community up-to-date about the changing world of law and the Dominican Republic’s legal system, especially in light of global trends.

Pellerano & Herrera has the largest legal library in the country and we are recognized internationally for editing the Doing Business in the Dominican Republic Legal Guide, in Spanish, English, French, and Mandarin, which is distributed yearly to thousands of readers.

Our Executive Summaries on reforms and new and amended legislation, our bimonthly newsletters, and the Economic Law column published every Friday in the national circulation newspaper Diario Libre are some of the many ways we keep our clients and the Dominican legal and business communities updated.

Internationally, we also submit articles to renowned publications such as the South Florida Legal Guide and the Metropolitan Corporate Counsel on topics of interest to investors and in-house company lawyers with an interest in doing business in the Dominican Republic.

The firm also participates in renowned publications and surveys such as Getting the Deal Through, Doing Business in and Child & Youth Finance International, where we are listed as representatives for the Dominican Republic. 

Title Publication type Date
Impact of Commercial Aviation in the Dominican Republic (PDF) Executive summary 06-28-2024
The Logistics Sector: Paving the Way to Become the Fourth Economic Pillar of the Dominican Republic (PDF) Article 06-11-2024
Prevention of Workplace Harassment: An Essential Initiative for Modern Enterprises (PDF) Article 06-11-2024
Managing Partner of Pellerano & Herrera recognized as one of the 350 Most Inspiring Leaders in Central America and the Dominican Republic (PDF) Press release 12-08-2023
The only legal firm recognized as a Superbrand in the Dominican Republic (PDF) Press release 12-04-2023
Colloquium in honor of Dr. Juan Manuel Pellerano Gómez (PDF) Press release 11-16-2023
Law 02-23 on Cassation Resources (PDF) Executive summary 06-20-2023
Pellerano & Herrera announces the promotion of a new partner (PDF) Press release 04-18-2023
Pellerano & Herrera launches P&H LawNext in celebration of its 70th anniversary (PDF) Press release 02-16-2023
Law 339-22: Use of Digital Media in the Judiciary (PDF) Executive summary 09-29-2022
Law 340-22: Domain Extinction (PDF) Executive summary 09-22-2022
Costo Laboral en Latinoamérica (PDF) Legal guide 09-07-2022
Pellerano & Herrera and The Legal 500 recognize General Counsels of major Dominican companies Press release 08-10-2022
LatAm Fintech Regulatory Framework (PDF) Article 07-22-2022
Pellerano & Herrera assists multinational Equifax in the acquisition of Data-Crédito Press release 03-17-2022
Pellerano & Herrera recognizes client David Ortiz for his induction into the Hall of Fame Press release 01-26-2022
COVID-19 Experience in Latin America (PDF) Article 10-22-2021
Customs Law No. 168-21 (PDF) Executive summary 10-20-2021
Notice 24-21 Dominican Tax Authorities Executive summary 09-20-2021
Resolution 01/2021 Minimum Wage Increase Executive summary 07-20-2021
Andersen Global Enters Dominican Republic as Latin America Push Continues Press release 07-15-2021
Social Assistance Fund “Christmas For Employees” (PDF) Executive summary 12-16-2020
Resolution 27/2020 issued by the Ministry of Labor amending Resolution 23/2020 on the Regulation of Remote Work (PDF) Executive summary 12-15-2020
Resolution 27/2020 issued by the Ministry of Labor amending Resolution 23/2020 on the Regulation of Remote Work (PDF) Executive summary 12-15-2020
Resolution No. 23/2020 issued by the Ministry of Labor (PDF) Executive summary 11-23-2020
Health, tax and regulatory plan to reactivate the tourism sector in the Dominican Republic (PDF) Executive summary 08-26-2020
Plan to Reactivate the Tourism Sector of the Dominican Republic: Health, tax and regulatory aspects (PDF) Executive summary 08-26-2020
Pellerano & Herrera announces promotion of new partner Press release 08-18-2020
10 challenges for the new President (PDF) Article 07-03-2020
Notices issued by the Dominican Tax Authorities (PDF) Executive summary 05-05-2020
Notices of the Dominican Tax Authorities (DGII) (PDF) Executive summary 04-20-2020
UPDATE. An Employer's Guide in Face of COVID-19 Pandemic (PDF) Executive summary 04-06-2020
Notice No. 36-20 issued by the Dominican Tax Authorities on April 1, 2020 Executive summary 04-01-2020
Notice No. 37-20 issued by the Dominican Tax Authorities on April 1, 2020 Executive summary 04-01-2020
Measures adopted by the Dominican Republic in response to the Covid-19 pandemic (PDF) Executive summary 03-30-2020
Law No. 45-20 on Movable Collateral (PDF) Executive summary 03-27-2020
Lex Mundi’s report entitled COVID-19 Government Support Measures. (PDF) Executive summary 03-27-2020
Notices numbers 27, 28 and 29-20 of Dominican Tax Authorities Executive summary 03-23-2020
Facilities for tax compliance and deadline extensions for the filing and payment of Income Tax and VAT (PDF) Executive summary 03-19-2020
Law No. 47-20 on Public Private Partnerships (PDF) Executive summary 03-13-2020
An employer's guide in face of COVID-19 Pandemic (PDF) Newsletter 03-12-2020
Pellerano & Herrera counsels underwriters in €2.8 billion Altice bond offering Press release 03-06-2020
Law No. 47-20 on Public Private Partnerships (PDF) Executive summary 03-06-2020
Transparency and Equity Revaluation Law No. 46-20 (PDF) Executive summary 02-18-2020
David Ortiz and Pellerano & Herrera formalize agreement Press release 12-10-2019
Dominican In-house counsel analyze legal challenges in digital environment Press release 11-14-2019
Pellerano & Herrera recognized for 4th occasion as TopBrand of the Dominican Republic Press release 11-14-2019
Pellerano & Herrera Launches Campaign to Attract Investment to Dominican Republic Press release 09-09-2019
Benchmark Litigation - Q&A with Vitelio Mejia Ortiz, Litigation partner of Pellerano & Herrera Article 08-01-2019
Product Liability & Safety - Dominican Republic (PDF) Article 07-25-2019
Pellerano & Herrera awarded as Most Innovative Dominican Firm of the Year Press release 06-03-2019
Pellerano Messina, new firm specialized in intellectual property Press release 05-20-2019
Mergers & Acquisitions in Technology Sector 2019 - Dominican Republic (PDF) Article 04-01-2019
Pellerano & Herrera assists in US$1.2 billion acquisition in fuel industry Press release 03-13-2019
Pellerano & Herrera selected most admired law firm of DR for tenth consecutive year Press release 02-08-2019
LatinFinance recognizes Pellerano & Herrera for involvement in Dominican sovereign bonds issuance Press release 02-04-2019
Pellerano & Herrera assisted in financing of sustainable tourism development Tropicalia Press release 01-31-2019
Pellerano & Herrera announces the promotion of three attorneys to partnership Press release 01-22-2019
Pellerano & Herrera publishes Doing Business Guide in DR in Italian Press release 12-12-2018
Pellerano & Herrera lawyers are recognized in Revista Mercado’s 40 under 40 ranking Press release 11-21-2018
Passing of Juan Manuel Pellerano Gomez, founder of Pellerano & Herrera Press release 11-06-2018
Ricardo Pellerano among the most outstanding leaders of the Dominican Republic Press release 10-29-2018
Dominican In-House Counsel Annual Summit Press release 09-11-2018
Pellerano & Herrera Assisted Underwriters in Sovereign Bond Offering Press release 07-30-2018
Doing business in Dominican Republic. 27th Edition (PDF) Legal guide 06-13-2018
Pellerano & Herrera participates in financing of largest solar project in the Dominican Republic Press release 04-17-2018
Americas Fintech Special Focus - Dominican Republic (PDF) Article 04-09-2018
Pellerano & Herrera assisted Underwriters in Dual Sovereign Bond Offering Press release 02-26-2018
Pellerano & Herrera releases book in Madrid on bilateral agreements between the Dominican Republic and Spain Press release 01-18-2018
Pellerano & Herrera Announces New Partner Press release 01-05-2018
Pellerano & Herrera wins three of the most important international legal awards Press release 12-22-2017
Pellerano & Herrera and The Legal 500 host General Counsel reception in the Dominican Republic Press release 11-30-2017
Pellerano & Herrera wins three of the most important international legal awards Press release 11-24-2017
Law No. 155-17 against Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing (PDF) Executive summary 10-16-2017
Pellerano & Herrera represented bondholders in debt restructuring of Cap Cana Press release 08-29-2017
Pellerano & Herrera launches new column on constitutional law Press release 07-20-2017
Vitelio Mejia Ortiz, New President of Dominican Baseball League Press release 07-19-2017
Pellerano & Herrera selected Best Company to Work for Press release 07-17-2017
Dominican Mining Chamber recognizes Pellerano & Herrera for its contributions to the mining sector Press release 07-07-2017
Pellerano & Herrera assisted Scotiabank in financing of US Embassy’s residential compound Press release 06-29-2017
Pellerano & Herrera awarded in Europe and America for innovation and best legal talent Press release 06-16-2017
Pellerano & Herrera awarded as Dominican Firm of the Year Press release 05-22-2017
Attorneys Leonel Melo Guerrero, Luis Henry Molina and Elizabeth Mena recognized in the first P&H Alumni Circle Awards Press release 05-11-2017
Pellerano & Herrera commences the celebration of its 65th anniversary Press release 05-10-2017
Recognition to Rafael González: 20 years of IT project management in Pellerano & Herrera Press release 04-20-2017
Pellerano & Herrera creates first Alumni program in Dominican Republic Press release 04-17-2017
Pellerano & Herrera’s Rising Stars (PDF) Press release 03-30-2017
Pellerano & Herrera and The Legal 500 hold roundtable for Dominican corporate counsels Press release 03-28-2017
Pellerano & Herrera advises the global brand that has revolutionized the private transport industry in the world Press release 03-23-2017
Upcoming Chambers and Partners General Counsel Seminar “Central America and the Caribbean – A Developing Business Hub for the Americas” Press release 02-15-2017
Pellerano & Herrera advises ICU Medical Inc. in acquisition of Pfizer Inc.’s Hospira Infusion Systems global deal Press release 02-07-2017
Pellerano & Herrera advised on US$1.2 billion sovereign bond offering Press release 01-30-2017
Pellerano & Herrera recognized as “Most Admired Law Firm 2016” for eighth consecutive year (PDF) Press release 01-24-2017
Pellerano & Herrera and Magna Motors aid families affected by heavy rains that hit the Dominican Republic Press release 01-20-2017
Pellerano & Herrera recognizes Ramón Luciano for 20 years of uninterrupted legal practice Press release 12-21-2016
Partner Mariangela Pellerano selected in the “40 Under 40 ”ranking by Revista Mercado Press release 12-08-2016
Getting The Deal Through - Dominican Republic: The Legal Landscape (PDF) Article 11-29-2016
Pellerano & Herrera advised Grupo Poma in development of Real Intercontinental Hotel Press release 11-18-2016
Pellerano & Herrera recognized in Topbrands 2016 as one of the leading brands in Dominican Republic Press release 11-09-2016
Pellerano & Herrera celebrates Dominican Reforestation Month Press release 11-02-2016
Pellerano & Herrera counselled Servicios Digitales Popular, affiliate of Grupo Popular, in their acquisition of Avance Capital Comercial Press release 10-07-2016
Pellerano & Herrera offers seminars on new regulations regarding environmental risks for financial institutions Press release 10-06-2016
Law 171-07 regarding special incentives to foreign retirees and passive investors of non-dominican source" (PDF) Executive summary 06-24-2016
General Law of Electricity (PDF) Executive summary 05-04-2016
Law No. 544-14 on Private International Law in the Dominican Republic (PDF) Executive summary 03-11-2016
Law No.173 on Protection to the Importer Agents of Goods and Products & DR-CAFTA (PDF) Executive summary 03-04-2016
Pellerano & Herrera recognized as “Most Admired Law Firm 2015” for seventh consecutive year Press release 02-01-2016
Pellerano & Herrera represented US$2.5 billion sovereign bond offering awarded by LatinFinance Press release 01-20-2016
Pellerano & Herrera, Firm of the Year 2015 of the Dominican Republic Press release 09-28-2015
Law on Restructuring and Liquidation of Commercial Entities and Merchants (PDF) Executive summary 09-11-2015
Law No. 172-13 on Comprehensive Protection of Personal Data (PDF) Executive summary 09-07-2015
Doing Business in the Dominican Republic 26th Edition (PDF) Legal guide 09-01-2015
Recognition award to Isabel Andrickson for 20 years of uninterrupted legal practice at Pellerano & Herrera Press release 08-25-2015
LATIN LAWYER Reference – Project Finance 2016 - Dominican Republic Article 08-06-2015
LATINLAWYER Reference - Private Equity 2015 - Dominican Republic Article 07-10-2015
Pellerano & Herrera is the only law firm certified as environmental services provider (PSA) Press release 06-30-2015
Law 107-13 of rights of persons in their relations with the Administration and Administrative Procedures (PDF) Executive summary 06-09-2015
Getting the Deal Through: Banking Regulation 2015 - Dominican Republic (PDF) Article 05-20-2015
Tax Reform Law 253-12 (PDF) Executive summary 04-24-2015
Environmental Lawyer Gustavo Mena Joins Pellerano & Herrera as a Partner Press release 04-13-2015
US$100 million bond issuance by Grupo Popular to Meliá Group Press release 03-27-2015
Expected Changes to Dominican Republic’s Labor Law Likely to Rebalance Employer-Employee Relationship (PDF) Article 09-16-2014
Business Opportunities Abound Under Dominican-Central America-U.S. Free Trade Agreement (PDF) Article 08-27-2014
Project Finance 2014 – Dominican Republic Article 08-01-2014
Private Equity 2014 - Dominican Republic Article 06-17-2014
Getting the Deal Through: Mergers & Acquisitions 2014 - Dominican Republic (PDF) Article 06-01-2014
With A Wide Variety Of Incentives, The Dominican Republic Continues To Attract International Investors (PDF) Article 05-25-2014
Getting the Deal Through: Banking Regulation 2014 - Dominican Republic (PDF) Article 05-01-2014
Pellerano & Herrera appoints Vitelio Mejia Ortiz as Of Counsel of the Litigation and Dispute Resolution practice Press release 03-20-2014
Project Finance 2013 Dominican Republic Article 08-08-2013
Pellerano & Herrera Amongst the 50 best companies to work for in DR Press release 07-26-2013
Pellerano & Herrera co-sponsored the Dominican Association of Journalists’ annual school party Press release 07-26-2013
Pellerano & Herrera donates IT equipment to the Specialized Port Security Corps (CESP) Press release 06-19-2013
Financial Inclusion for Children and Youth Survey Article 04-22-2013
Mergers, acquisitions and investment flourish in a welcoming environment Article 04-17-2013
New financial incentives for the film industry Article 02-14-2013
Securitizations Simplified In The Dominican Republic Article 01-29-2013
The Pellerano & Herrera Foundation publishes the book Recopilación Normativa del Sistema Dominicano de Seguridad Social: Ley 87-01 y sus Normas Complementarias Press release 01-22-2013
Pellerano & Herrera selected as "Most Admired Company" for four consecutive years Press release 01-22-2013
Private Equity 2013 – Dominican Republic Article 01-17-2013
Doing business in the Dominican Republic Article 01-04-2013
Pellerano & Herrera participates in a seminar for the first Canadian Trade Mission to the Dominican Republic Press release 08-12-2012
Pellerano & Herrera is selected as a leading Latin American law firm by Newsweek Press release 08-12-2012
New law facilitates development of mortgage market Article 06-07-2012
Pellerano & Herrera counsels AmBev in becoming the leading brewer in the Caribbean Press release 05-09-2012
Law No. 42-08 on the Defense of Competition (PDF) Executive summary 05-04-2012
Pellerano & Herrera Foundation publishes the third edition of the Annotated Tax Code of the Dominican Republic Press release 03-16-2012
Pellerano & Herrera, selected most admired law firm in the Dominican Republic for the third consecutive year Press release 02-16-2012
Pellerano & Herrera Celebrates its 60th Anniversary Press release 02-03-2012
New Partners for Pellerano & Herrera Press release 01-31-2012
Doing Busines in the Dominican Republic 2012, Practical Law Article 01-11-2012
Dominican Republic Law Provides Significant Incentives to Film Industry Article 01-05-2012
Project Finance 2011 Dominican Republic Article 09-05-2011
Law for the development of the mortgage market and the creation of trusts in the Dominican Republic (PDF) Executive summary 08-25-2011
Foreign investment Law of the Dominican Republic (PDF) Executive summary 07-28-2011
Law No. 28-01 and its Implementation Regulation through which a Special Frontier Development Zone is created (PDF) Executive summary 07-27-2011
"Law No. 122-05 on regulation and promotion of non-profit organization in the Dominican Republic" (PDF) Executive summary 05-04-2011
A new corporate structure for small business Article 03-05-2011
Pellerano & Herrera Wins Latin Lawyer’s Project Finance Deal of the Year 2010 for its work with the Pueblo Viejo Mine Financing Press release 02-18-2011
Real Estate Guide 2011 Article 01-04-2011
Decree No. 408-10: Tax approach on Corporate Concentration Transactions Article 12-20-2010
Pellerano & Herrera Selected as One of the Leading Brands in Dominican Republic Press release 11-30-2010
Pellerano & Herrera Celebrates 58 Years of Continuous Service Press release 11-23-2010
Pellerano & Herrera is named Law Firm of the Year in the Dominican Republic by Chambers and Partners for the second consecutive year Press release 09-17-2010
Law for Promoting the Film Industry of the Dominican Republic (No. 108-10) (PDF) Executive summary 08-17-2010
The National School for Judges and Prosecutors Recognized Dr. Juan Manuel Pellerano for his Contribution to Legal Education in the Country Press release 08-12-2010
Marcasur selects Pellerano & Herrera as the largest law firm in the Dominican Republic for second consecutive year Press release 05-04-2010
Pellerano & Herrera most admired law firm of 2009 in the Dominican Republic Press release 05-03-2010
Fiscal aspects Involved in labor and social security regulations Article 04-02-2010
Pellerano & Herrera, held a cocktail to bid farewell to partner Hipolito Herrera Vassallo Press release 01-29-2010
The International Comparative Legal Guide to Real Estate 2010 Article 01-06-2010
General rule 02-2010 that establishes the applicable procedures for the unilateral determination of taxes and the right to rectify tax returns filed by tax payers by the tax administration. Article 01-06-2010
Fiscal aspects involved un labor and Social Security regulations Article 10-20-2009
Tax procedure is simplified the Dominican Republic Article 10-20-2009
Pellerano & Herrera, the largest M&A team in the country Press release 09-22-2009
Chambers & Partners awards Pellerano & Herrera as “Dominican Law Firm of the Year" Press release 09-12-2009
Project Finance 2009 Article 07-01-2009
Dr. Juan Manuel Pellerano Receives Achievement Award from FINJUS Press release 03-30-2009
Chambers and Partners Global 2009 recognizes Pellerano & Herrera Press release 03-25-2009
Pellerano & Herrera receives the “Private Equity Deal of the Year Award” from the IFLR Press release 03-25-2009
Simplified Tax procedure in the Dominican Republic Article 02-20-2009
Barrick Gold to invest more than US$3B in Dominican mine Press release 02-10-2009
General Law on Companies and Individual Enterprises with Limited Liability (PDF) Executive summary 01-15-2009
Pellerano & Herrera advised French Company Bionersis Press release 12-09-2008
Conference about “Constitution, interpretation, and unconstitutionality” Press release 11-21-2008
The acquisition of Shell’s shares will be made official next week Press release 11-13-2008
Pellerano Publishes Book About constitutional debates Press release 11-12-2008
Association of Friends of South Africa has been formed Press release 11-11-2008
Aguilar Castillo Love and Pellerano & Herrera advised Joint-Venture Company Press release 08-23-2008
First Dominican LBO lands financing Press release 08-22-2008
The firm advises Infinity Bio-Energy Press release 05-06-2008
Purchase of Real Estate in the Dominican Republic (PDF) Executive summary 02-20-2008
Project Finance 2008 Article 01-31-2008
Mining - Getting the Deal Through 2008 Article 01-23-2008
Mergers & Acquisitions 2008 Article 01-01-2008
Main aspects ruling the Labor Legislation in the Dominican Republic (PDF) Legal guide 11-12-2007
Pellerano & Herrera has been nominated for the award “Central American Law Firm of the Year” Press release 10-16-2007
Pauline Caamano´s Death Press release 08-24-2007
United States Embassy honors entrepreneurs and journalists in the Dominican Republic Press release 06-05-2007
Experts Recommend Fiscal Strategic Plan for DR Press release 05-28-2007
Shell sells its shares in DR Refinery Press release 05-24-2007
“A solution to non responsibility clauses in private parking lots through the Civil Law theory: Dominican case” Press release 03-29-2007
“Ambit, perspectives, and challenges of the law that establish the Writ of Relief” Press release 03-21-2007
Pellerano & Herrera has selected a new partner. Press release 12-20-2005
General information for the incorporation of Dominican companies (PDF) Executive summary 09-07-2005
Pellerano & Herrera launches awareness campaign Press release 03-18-2005
P&H’s founding partner receives “Master of Law” award from the Dominican College of Lawyers Press release 01-23-2005
Procedural Penal Code of the Dominican Republic (PDF) Executive summary 10-21-2004
Law on Dominican Social Security System (PDF) Executive summary 08-13-2004
Monetary and Financial law (PDF) Executive summary 08-06-2003
Law on the promotion of tourist development for new or low development locations in provinces and districts with great tourist potential, and for the creation of the tourist promotion official fund (PDF) Executive summary
Dominican Republic's New Financial Law Makes It Easier For U.S. Banks To Enter Dominican Banking Market Article
Dominican Republic Puts Out Welcome Mat For U.S. Insurance Companies Article
Law concerning the Dominican System of Social Security Article
Dominican Republic Continues Efforts To Encourage American Investment Article
Textile Law Has Big Impact On The Caribbean Article
New Dominican Electricity Law Promotes Private Investment Article
Environmental Law Streamlines Development Process And Protects Natural Resources Article
Dominican Republic's Investment Climate Heats Up For U.S. Companies Article
Doing Busines in the Dominican Republic, Handbook Article
Network of Angel Investors in DR Press release

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